Frassman wants to put a face to his music

January 13, 2017
File Frassman

Recording artiste Frassman is promoting a new record titled 'Welcome to Jamaica'.

The artiste has been steadily releasing music for over five years. However, he told THE WEEKEND STAR that this year his main aim is not to promote songs, but to make his name a brand.

The song was produced by Yard Style Entertainment and according to the artiste, based on early indications, the song will do well.

"It's been getting a good vibes on the radio and in the streets, people really feeling this record. I know I do good music, so people should support good music. I keep a very small circle and basically, I'm just working with my team right now. People like Ns Music Ent / Mountain Lion Music JA and a few other producers here and there," he said.

Frassman also highlighted that promoting music in Jamaica is no easy task.

"The most difficult part of any business is when it's time to promote. You never know what people are going to do after you leave and how are they going to feel about your product, but it's been real good thus far," he said.

The artiste is also hoping to release several music videos during 2017 in order to develop a strong fan base.

"2017 is like an action movie for me; lots of movement, more visuals ... overall, just putting me and my brand out. I also want persons who appreciate good music to follow me on social media for the latest updates about my whole movement," he said.

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