Macka Diamond rejects Kasanova's sex plea

January 13, 2017
Macka Diamond

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond says she has no interest in embarking on a relationship with young artiste Kasanova, who claims he developed sexual urges for the veteran deejay during the filming of a music video for their new song, 'Bun Fi Bun'.

In a series of voice notes recently released online, Kasanova can be heard telling Macka Diamond that he saw features on her body which he liked during the steamy filming process, and he was interested in having a sexual relationship with her.

"Something pon di video shoot today ketch mi eye, and mi did wah chat to yuh bout it, yuh zimi. But yuh know seh business a business and mi di wah keep it professional. Serious, mi a tell yuh di truth, mi wah f... yuh. A di first time mi meet yuh in person, and mi like yuh whole personality, yuh whole demeanour and yuh continence. Mi nuh know yuh relationship status, but mi know yuh did a talk to da youth deh from Grants Pen. Mi not even member the artiste name," Kasanova said in the voice note that lasted for four minutes.

However, Macka Diamond, who dated Alliance deejay Predator during the height of his short-lived career, also responded via voice notes telling Kasanova that she was not interested in dating recording artistes, and that the dating chapter in her life was closed.

"Mi cyah badda wid the artiste-and-artiste thing. Dem days deh for me are over. Mi just a gwaan do my little thing. Mi can't bother wid dat," she said.

When contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR, Macka Diamond said she was just focusing on music.

"It was just a video and photo shoot for me. He was coming on a little too strong, and I had to let him know I have my people. Maybe because mi a woman, him feel like female artistes vulnerable. But mi reason wid him and mi see seh a good youth," she said.

"Mi wouldn't seh mi feel a way, because I am used to men approaching mi. But I was a bit uncomfortable because he is somebody I was building a friendship with, and I don't wanna mix music with pleasure. I put him in his place little bit, but not that hard."

The video for Bun Fi Bun will be released in the coming days. Macka Diamond is currently overseas for a string of shows.

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