'Salt' I-Maroon now feeling lucky

January 13, 2017

Nine years ago, Downsound Records produced and released the unlikely hit song 'Mi Salt' by I-Maroon.

Wailing the hardships of life as a Jamaican man in the lower class, the song caught on rather quickly. But while it dominated local radio station and television channel rotation, Mi Salt may have become I-Maroon's talisman of misfortune.

Now, I-Maroon is on the road promoting a new production called Right Now Mi Get Lucky.

With the natural and inimitable comedic tone many Jamaicans seem to appreciate, Mi Salt became a radio station favourite, and landed I-Maroon on a number of local stage shows.

In 2017, I-Maroon makes his return with the release of a counteraction to his almost decade-old breakout hit.

Mi Salt managed to get the artiste noticed by DownSound. I-Maroon told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was under the impression that he was actually a label signee, revealing that for a time, he was in receipt of a weekly stipend from the label.

He said communications between the parties broke down, and hindsight revealed his mistake of not physically signing a contract with DownSound Records.

Deeper reflection, and conversations with his peers further revealed to the one-hit wonder that he may have invited bad luck into his life, by decrying himself as 'salt.'

With the intention to channel better vibes, the artiste has begun the work to promote what he hopes is the follow-up hit.

"Mi get visa. Mi get children, a son and a daughter. Mi neva have that before, so right now mi get lucky," he said.

Now under what he calls 'freelance management', the artiste has started handling his own bookings.

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