Social media opens doors for gospel music — K-Anthony

January 13, 2017

Gospel music may not be the most popular genre in the Jamaican media at present, unlike the glory days of the Grace Thrillers and Sister Scully. However, gospel artiste K-Anthony thinks a gospel revolution is on the rise with the new generation of artistes. He also noted that the Internet presents numerous opportunities.

"The gospel market is arguably at a very exciting time right now. The old model is fading away, and there are infinite new avenues for artistes to get their music to the public. The Internet and social media are undoubtedly the most utilised and available ways for sharing music, and discovering music, like never before. People cannot like you if they don't know you exist. So, by utilising social media, it is much easier to promote the awareness of music," he said.


"You can hear my music by searching K-Anthony on YouTube. You can also purchase my music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and any other music distributor. I am also on social media, mainly Facebook and Instagram, as well as my website"

Meanwhile, K-Anthony is currently promoting a new record titled I'm Alive. He stresses that the song, which was produced by Dwain Wiya Campbell of Barbwiya Music, is not only intended to inspire listeners, but to stimulate happiness.

"It is actually a very upbeat song and very fitting for the start of a new year. As we all know, nobody is perfect. We all have days when we just feel like everything is going wrong, and for no apparent reason we wake up in the morning feeling angry, hurt, upset, sad or just downright mean," he said.

"Kindness is known to be contagious, negativity can be contagious as well. So a simple song, such as I'm Alive, can turn moods around. It inspires people to rise above their adversities."


The artiste, who is yet to cement his brand in the island, is banking on the record to break barriers. He is also looking to release an album in short order.

"I believe that people should support this song and my music because I strive to give a message of hope and encouragement. I'm Alive is the song that makes you want to throw your hands up and just be grateful that you have a good God," he said.

In addition, K-Anthony recently signed a deal with G. Favoured Entertainment Group and Capitol Distribution. He also has collaborations in the pipeline, which will remain anonymous until I'm Alive increases in popularity.

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