Revalation hits local charts

January 14, 2017

Reggae artiste Revalation is pleased with the feedback to his new single, Like Yesterday, which has been doing well in Jamaica.

"The feedback has been incredible so far, so we will be shooting a video for the song in Atlanta and St Thomas, US Virgin Islands soon to step up the promotion," said the singer, who is a native of the USVI.

He is now in Jamaica to help promote the song which has popped up on the Jamaica Music Countdown charts at number 18. The single also peaked in the top 10 of the reggae chart in Costa Rica. Radio stations in Germany, France, and the UK have also added the lovers rock single to their playlists.

The song is the lead single off his soon-to-released EP that will be distributed digitally by Zojak Worldwide.

As a youth growing up in the US Virgin Islands, reggae music was a form of solace for Revalation in turbulent times.

"My name was given to me by my brother because he said in the world of reggae music, you will be unique, none like me before, and none like me after," said Revalation, who recently inked a production and management deal with Busspipe Records, which is based in the US Virgin Islands.

With music on his mind and powerful messages to share, the studio became a natural canvass to paint portraits of Revalation's life and experiences. Based on the strength of his debut album, Serious Matters, he developed a decent fan base, doing a number of shows in the USVI, British Virgin Islands, St Croix, and Tortola, sharing the stage with reggae's biggest stars.

Revalation will be doing a tour alongside reggae artiste Pressure of Busspipe Records in 2017.

"Pressure is like my family. I actually did two songs with him on my first album," he said.

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