Gays love dancehall - Cross-dresser Chrissy was inspired by Passa Passa DVDs

January 16, 2017
Dancehall King Chrissy.
In this file photo, two patrons were seen gyrating on a handcart at a staging of Passa Passa in Kingston.
Dancehall King Chrissy.

Following a viral video which shows cross-dresser Dancehall King Chrissy dancing to Kalado’s  song, Bounce, many viewers of the video have been wondering if the social media sensation was indeed a fan of dancehall music or mocking the genre, which often lashes out at taboo sexual practices. 

But those questions were recently answered in an online interview where the cross-dresser revealed that he genuinely loves the genre because the women in dancehall always appear to be confident. He also said he was inspired by the now defunct Passa Passa series.

“I used to go downtown Brooklyn where I used to shop and buy DVDs of Passa Passa straight from Jamaica. I started to watch them like, 'oh my God, these girls like they just dance and they don’t care'. My friend took me to a gay club, and I didn’t know that guys do it too, so I was like, 'oh my God, the guys are doing exactly what the girls are doing and sometimes even better'. I fell in love with it and had some guys helping and then even some of the female dancers, so it became an instant hobby,” said the self-proclaimed Dancehall King.

Chrissy also said he has been accepted by some Jamaican dancers and even dancehall artiste Spice.

“It's not accepted everywhere, but you never know where it is accepted. Nicki Minaj posted one of my videos and I met dancehall artiste Spice, who is also big in the Jamaican community. Not being accepted, I learnt to not care what people think and just be driven. I do the unthinkable and just dance,” he said.

He also revealed the he receives bookings from Jamaican promoters.

“I found out that there was a dancehall competition in Florida, and I didn’t know if it was a straight or gay competition. So I reached out to the promoter and the promoter told me she wanted to fly me out because she saw my videos on Facebook. I just wanted to compete. When I heard the screams and saw the look on people's face when I danced, it was an amazing experience,” he said.

Chrissy also stressed that dancehall is huge in the gay community and the music helps gays to embrace their personality.

“People don’t know that the dancehall music culture is big in the gay community, and you will be surprised in the club to see how much the guys dance and how much love we get. A lot of the Dancehall Queens get ridiculed just for being on our side and for loving us as dancers,” he said.

He also said dancehall music and dancing helped him to deal with coming out of the closet to his father, who is sometimes disappointed that his only son is gay.

Dancehall King Chrissy now has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, and was recently featured at Amber Rose’s Slut Walk, an event which also saw a cameo from Dancehall Queen Sher.

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