Iceman releases video for 'Jam Jam Party'

January 18, 2017

International recording artiste Iceman recently released the accompanying video to his latest single, 'Jam Jam Party', and has been feeling good about the final product.

The song, a quality production on the Peenie Wallie rhythm from the Penthouse label, was released late 2016, has been getting a lot of love internationally.

DJ Shag in Bakersfield, California, Richie Poo in New York, Mumma Trees in Australia, and David Rodigan in the United Kingdom have all added the song to their playlists on their respective stations.

The performance video was shot by Donovan Watkiss on location at Penthouse Records on Ballater Avenue in Kingston, and has been getting play on social media.

It's also available on YouTube.

"The feedback has been positive. We decided to give it a performance vibe," Iceman, aka 'Slashe', said. "Iceman performing the track. Shots of me walking into the studio, going into the booth and voicing the song and just having fun, making a vibrant, energetic delivery."




The quality of the song has also attracted the attention of a few deejays locally.

"We did a good solid, hour-long interview with Kenneth Reid on RJR about the life and career of Slashe, aka Iceman, and he featured the song and the entire project," the entertainer said.

"My friend, Dalton Harris, who is also on the rhythm, was also there with me in studio, so we did a comprehensive, exclusive interview and performance of the song on RJR."

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