Dispute over 'chattingz' - two artistes claim to have originated the slang

January 19, 2017
Shizzle Sherlock

Dancehall artiste Ghandi said he is the originator of the slang 'think a chattingz' because he was the first one who came up with the slang: 'Knockingz, dem think a chattingz'.

"We nah argue over no style, but we deserve fi get we props," Ghandi said in a video posted on social media recently.

He said he recorded the slang from November 2016 as the introduction to the single, Hungry Days, and in numerous jingles for radio stations and Internet radio stations worldwide.

"When you use a product, show some form of respect and appreciation to the originator, mi deserve some form of credit," Ghandi said.

The artiste said he had many styles that people have used in the past, but he said he wasn't remaining silent any more.

"I am not narrow-minded, but too long mi a remain humble and dead fi hungry," he said.

The slang 'Think a chattingz' is gaining momentum as a music video was shot for a song of the same name, a collaborative effort between Shizzle Sherlock and IceBerg.

Ghandi said he reached out to Sherlock on Facebook.

"And all the man do is put 'LOL, Jah know'. He never denied it, but him barber round my original slang," Ghandi said.

When THE STAR asked Sherlock about Ghandi's claims, he was adamant that he is the creator of the slang.

"Is who him, bout him first start seh 'think a chattingz'? Is me Shizzle Sherlock originate the talk and now it gone global," he said. "If yuh pree di slang and di song yuh can know it's an original slang, no carbon copy."

Sherlock said he voiced the song one morning and it "buss the same evening, and from that it just a fly".

"The world know seh a long time mi a seh chattingz. Why yuh think it copyright? Check my social media. A suh yuh know it's a hit, cah see badmind jump in now."

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