'Just a coincidence' - character in play not representing Moravian pastor

January 19, 2017
Pastor Joe (Maxwell Grant) tries to seduce Jackie (Terri Salmon) in a scene from 'Bad Breed'.

In the wake of the mushrooming fallout of the sex scandal of Moravian pastor Rupert Clarke, playwright David Tulloch has said that any parallels between his play, 'Bad Breed', and the real-life drama playing out in Jamaica are merely coincidental.

"The pastor as sexual predator preying on his flock has always existed in Jamaica, this is nothing new. But as a society, I am glad that we are finally talking about this problem in a real way," Tulloch said.

The Bad Breed comedy-drama sees the return of Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant, who plays the role of Pastor Dr Joe Magnus, a smooth-talking huckster who has many dalliances with female members of his congregation.

"There is an important distinction between the pastor in real life and the pastor in our play. Our pastor is not a paedophile. He is a sexual predator of sorts, feasting on the women in his flock, but certain lines he will not cross," Tulloch said.

In the play, Grant's character has humorous exchanges, riddled with sexually suggestive phrases with a female he has his sights on.

That character is played by Terri Salmon.

Other cast members are Michael 'Stringbean' Nicholson, Daniella 'Ceeta' Gordon and Akeem Poyser.

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