Jermaine Gordon building on 'You Are God' success

January 20, 2017
Contributed Gospel singer Jermaine Gordon
Contributed Gospel singer Jermaine Gordon

The consistent Jamaican radio listener would be familiar with the heavily rotated 'You Are God' by Jermaine Gordon.

The gospel artiste has been making his primary living as an accountant, but decided to take the plunge and begin work as a gospel artiste in 2012.

Following the success of his debut album, Lord I Surrender, he has decided to feed the hungry fans he garnered over the past five years.

"I had early rhythms inside of me. My mother has several stories about my singing and banging on tables and pots and everything," Gordon said.

He said his musical learning began with drums, but he said his skills as a vocalist were apparent.

"I came up as a teenager playing trap set and piano, and for most of my teenage years, I directed choirs - assisted different churches," Gordon said, noting his gift for music was evident while he was attending Kingston College.

He did Spanish and said he would translate songs for choirs. He said he now writes songs in languages, including Swahili and French.

"They call me a modern day hymn writer I've written four today," he said.

Lord I Surrender won four international awards, including the Worship Song of the Year from the Love Gospel International Awards.

You Are God has maintained heavy radio rotation since its release in 2012.

"It's in the marketplace, government office, business, bars, taxis, buses. Good Heavens! I mean a Rastaman stops me and he says I am a legitimate Rastaman, but your song ah my number one song".

Buyers and sellers alike raising theirs hands to sing You Are God," he said.

Gordon told THE WEEKEND STAR he steadily calls out to the Lord for the conversion of Beenie Man and Luciano.


Place in people's heart


"They hold a special place in the heart of the people, and they do have a love for God and people don't see it. And I saw that in Lady Saw," he said. Gordon said he cried out for Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw.

"When I gave her my CD in 2003, and I saw the love of God in her, I told her 'don't wait too long to come home'."

Gordon said that he is seeking for God to give him an anointing to minister to talented and highly gifted people.

"I see great things happening when those guys come to the Kingdom.

But I'm not ready for Vybz Kartel yet! Now that he is behind bars, I pray that an angel of the Lord will visit him.

It doesn't matter what state we're in, He has no pleasure in us dying, just in our conversion," he said.

Gordon has not released new music since his debut album, and aims to get on the airwaves with new material this year.

He will soon be releasing a music video for a remix of his song Thine is the Kingdom.

"It's a mind-blower. It's a completely different direction from what people are used to.

I did that to captivate the minds of the younger listeners."

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