Watch my performance, not my clothes - Fantan Mojah

January 20, 2017
Fantan Mojah in performance on night one of Rebel Salute.

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah was viral on social media following his performance at Rebel Salute over the weekend.

However instead of making headlines for his performance, viewers seemed more interested in his outfit which was relatively tight for his body size.

Seemingly unbothered by online viewers who made jokes about his outfit, Fantan Mojah said the media and fans should be more focused on giving him credit for being the best performer on the show's first night.

"I took the show ... Mi step out like Jacob and make the place wake up. I love music and when I don't get to work it upset mi suh the people dem weh a book the shows unno fi include mi," he said.

The artiste who is also a trending topic in Europe, wants his fans to demand that he be added to the line-up of Reggae Sumfest 2017.

"From mi buss inna Jamaica over 10 years now a one time mi duh Reggae Sumfest. I have been doing a lot of shows overseas and I have not been getting the glory so now like how mi tek Rebel Salute, give me my glory," he said.

Fantan said he went on stage at 6:30 a.m. "and dem time deh only giant can perform after Lady Saw, Half Pint and Wayne Wonder".

"Mi tired a di pressure weh dem a put pon mi suh free up all barriers," he said.

As for his outfit, he said his mentor, the late icon Jacob Miller, was also known to wear body hugging clothing. But he said his suit wasn't "normal".

"It's US$600 fi mi suit and mi real fans dem love mi thing as well as mi girl dem. But yu done know yu a guh have one and two bad comment and jokes because a suh Jamaican stay ... dem nuh bother mi. Suh just big up every king and queen and mi straight like a light post," he said, adding that "mi girls dem seh mi a di sexiest ras alive".

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