Lex-A-Million demands respect for Jamaican culture

January 21, 2017

Dancehall/reggae artiste Lex-A-Million is promoting a ska-influenced record titled 'That Girl'.

The song sees the artiste and producer stepping out of the box to venture into one of Jamaica's first commercially successful genres.

Speaking with THE STAR, Lex-A-Million encouraged Jamaican artistes and producers to value the Jamaican culture and research the island's impact on the world.

"We wanted something different, and I was watching a documentary from Bob Marley and I got interested in ska because Bob had some ska records of his own. We are straying far from our roots so me and my team are trying to play our part in getting back to the basics," he said.

Unlike many contemporary recording artistes, he hopes to break out worldwide, even before cementing his brand in Jamaica.

He believes the local music industry is focused on the wrong things.

"I aim for Europe and not just the Western world. It is disappointing that we don't even celebrate ska in Jamaica anymore and we allow other people overseas to benefit from it. We in Jamaica are trying to do rap and trap music and foreigners want to be like us ... they look up to us," he said.

He believes 'yard hype' is irrelevant, and that artistes should be looking to developing their work into an international product.

"Jamaicans don't recognise the power that they have on this world, and until they do, they will not be able to benefit from it. Youth should get out of the hype mentality and start putting the music first," he said.

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