Lesbian rapper to perform at Jamaican show

January 27, 2017
Young M.A.

Event manager and record producer Zum has announced that he will be bringing lesbian rapper Young M.A to Jamaica for Brit Jam 2017.

The event is slated to take place between March 8 and 14. According to the promoter, his target audience is excited about the rapper's visit and people are not concerned about her sexual orientation.

"People don't care about her sexual preference. They just like her music. This is the first lesbian rapper to dominate the rap scene, so this is history in the making, and Brit Jam is the first to bring her to Jamaica," he said.

Zum also said that based on his market research, male and female fans alike welcome the rapper's visit. He, however, admitted that if he had booked a male gay rapper, then, perhaps, his audience would have raised serious concerns.

"We tend to accept females in Jamaica. Once it's a woman, it's fine with us. But if it was a man, I know some people wouldn't like that," he said.

Young M.A is known for songs like Quiet Storm and Ooouuu, which peaked at number 19 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart last year.




The event will also feature other international acts such as Genuine and Bernice. There will also be performances from local acts, including Ding Dong, Tanto Blacks, Tifa, I-Octane, Konshens and Shenseea.

"Brit Jam only does the hottest, and we are feeling Young M.A's vibe. When you go to events and see how people react to her music, it is amazing. People literally wait until the second verse of her song, and nowadays, that is rare," he said.

Zum did not wish to disclose how much it will cost to book the rapper for Brit Jam. However, he did reveal that her booking fee is not cheap.

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