Ishawna encourages proper hygiene among women


February 03, 2017

Practising proper hygiene prevents illnesses and limits the spread of germs and viruses. The importance of personal hygiene is documented on dancehall artiste Ishawna's latest single, 'Take Pride'.

The song, produced by Donsome Records LLC, encourages females to take care of themselves. It is regarded as an anthem of sorts among females who take special care in how they appear in public.

"This is a song for the ladies, and it's basically encouraging them to keep fresh at all times, not only in appearance, but also the way in which they take care of their clothes, make-up and skin care," Ishawna said.

The song's lyrics refer to the comprehensive cleaning and caring for the body.

"Keep it clean, keep it covered. Freshly scented like flowers. Your clothes clean inna yuh draw, ever fresh, it nuh mildew. Be proud of your body because you fresh like the morning dew. Gal yuh tek pride," the song says.

Ishawna, who is known for songs like Restraining Order, Ooh La La, Everybody Need Someone and Private Mi Page, is still revelling in a successful 2016.

She is nominated for a number of awards and continues to perform locally and overseas.

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