Ghanian dancehall artiste strikes deal with VP Records

February 10, 2017

Although reggae and dancehall are associated with Jamaica, Ghanaian artiste Epixode has managed to snatch a deal with VP Records.

"Everybody knows that when dancehall is mentioned, the first people to come to mind is the Jamaicans," said Theophillus Nii Ardey Otoo, Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artiste, more popularly known as Epixode.

"Because they originated reggae, ska, down to dancehall," he said.

Gbevu Music Group, Epixode's representatives, recently announced that the artiste has signed a deal with internationally acclaimed music distributors VPAL of VP Records, through the label's agent, Gino XXL Entertainment, based in Amsterdam.


Only influenced


Epixode told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not only influenced by dancehall, but his interest truly began by way of his mother, who was a musician in a traditional Ghanaian band.

"I grew up in a musical family," he said. "They travel across the water, so anytime they come back home, they bring records - mostly country music and reggae."

He added: "I was always forced to listen to reggae. Growing up, I was surrounded by so many people who love reggae and dancehall," he said.

Epixode named Xylo and Kojo Kumbolo as two Ghanaian artistes he has spent a lot of time around, and who exposed him to Rastafari.

"It wasn't a decision to start doing dancehall. I think it's through growth in music because I used to be a rapper and I used to be a singer. So, I think I only attack music based on the vibe that I want to put across, the kind of message that I want to put across. That's when it comes out as reggae or dancehall or the Ghanaian kind of Afro-vibe." he said.

Epixode's upcoming single, Gyal Dem Sugar, will be digitally released by VPal Music today.

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