Four-year-old deejay blasts sex predators

February 24, 2017
Natesha Grace, and her father Darrion Grace.

Darrion Grace and his four-year-old daughter Natesha travelled from St Thomas to The Star office yesterday to more attention to their potentially viral video.

"Mi always ah hear mi daughter ah seh 'Big man, yuh fi low' likkle pickney'," Grace said.

He said it didn't immediately register that young Natesha was starting to compose her first song.

"So one day, she a seh to mi seh, 'Daddy, yuh nah guh mek mi voice mi song?'" That's when he decided to help out with the lyrics.

"Big man, yuh fi low' likkle pickney. If yuh touch mi, mi ah tell mi fada," she deejays. Her chorus interchanges 'fada' with 'modda', 'teacher' and 'policeman.'




"She keep on ah pest mi, pest mi, pest mi. So mi seh, yeah, man," Grace said. He took a video of Natesha on his phone and uploaded it to Facebook on February 10.

According to Grace, the video was viewed over 60,000 times by the following Monday. Two weeks later, the views climbed to over 163,000.

"Mi show one somebody, and them tek mi phone and ah walk 'round with it ah show people. It come een like I can't walk in peace anymore," Grace claimed.

He said there have been enquiries about performances "but har modda nuh too want mi tek her outta school".

"All last night somebody invite her to a party weh we coulda get a likkle money offa, and mi never turn up wid her," he explained, saying Natesha was fatigued.

Still, Grace said he would put no limitations on offers for bookings for the aspiring deejay.

"But if she ah guh somewhere, mi haffi deh deh, or her modda," he said. "She ah send a positive message and the world woulda want fi hear her.

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