Jolly's Farm to be transformed for all-white party


February 24, 2017
DJ Narity

With a promise to transform the Jolly's Farm Estate into the best all-white party experience, patrons are in for a treat at VODA, to be held on Sunday.

The event will place at Bernard Lodge Estate in Portmore, and runs from 3 p.m. to midnight.

VODA (Vibez On Di Acres) is Dre Jolly's birthday celebration and he has enlisted a cadre of disc jocks to provide non-stop party experience and high-energy vibe.

Billed to throw down the latest party jams are DJ Craig, DJ Narity, DJ Cyrus and rising newcomer Cool Shade Chris.

"The name VODA came to me one day while I was on my farm, I linked my bredren Nick Lue from SkunkNation and shared with him the idea, and he said to work with it," explained Andre 'Dre Jolly' Dowdie.

Although he has promoted other events before, VODA is the premiere event that Bowie plans to make into an annual affair.

"Last year, for my birthday, we had a pop-up bottle party which was food-inclusive and the road was blocked. This year, we decided to take it to the farm and spread my wings," he said.

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