Eklypse warns the 'juvenile'


March 03, 2017
Contributed Eklypse

Music and sports are natural complementary to one another, with music ingrained in the tradition of many sports events.

The line between the two is so porous that athletes dabble in recording music, and vice versa, so it should come as no surprise when a talented footballer trades in his football spikes for a microphone, like reggae artiste Eklypse.

He has a single called Juvenile, a searing song that reads like a 'how to survive the ghetto' manual, complete with instructions to "hear and blind, see and deaf", highlighting the 'informer fi the dead' culture that governs the island's tough neighbourhoods.

"It is based on my experiences and things that I have observed. People lose their lives or get caught up in situations because yu never know how to hold your counsel and keep your thoughts to yourself inna the ghetto. So my song is a warning, a philosophy on how to survive," Eklypse said.

Eklypse grew up in Nannyville Gardens and attended Mona High School. He then moved on to Dunoon Technical.

Before music, Eklypse, real name Keniel Flowers, played in the local Premier League for Arnett Gardens FC and August Town FC as a midfielder.

But in 2006, Eklypse suddenly decided to follow his true calling and started to write music.

"We are just working on singles for now, but the response to Juvenile has been crazy so far, the radio disc jockeys have given me a major strength. Mi just a look forward to hearing it more on the radio, so we going all out with the promotion," he said.

He said Sade is the artiste who inspired him.

"I loved how she sang - calm and relaxing. Her songs, through stories, always painted a picture. When I listen to her, it reminds me of when I was small," he said.

The name 'Eklypse' is inspired by his own concept of marrying astronomy to his brand of reggae/dancehall.

"When I deejay, that's the sun, when I sing, that's the moon, when I put them together, I get the Eklypse," he said.

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