James McAvoy did driving roles without licence


March 06, 2017
AP James McAvoy in 'Split'.

James McAvoy drove on film sets for "six years" without a licence.

The 37 year-old actor had to jump behind the wheel for some of his earlier roles, but admits he did so without having a valid driving licence.

He said: "I drove a Jag without a driver's licence. I played a car thief in Shameless and no one ever asked me if I had a driver's licence. I didn't get one until six years later."

And James has confessed he hasn't had much luck with driving over the years. He added: "I have a clean driver's licence now, but I had a provisional license just for driving a 125 scooter and got 11 points on my provisional licence.

"I got stopped and the policeman said 'I'll probably let you off'' and his partner was saying, 'No way no way.' So they put me in the back of their car and made me feel like a drug dealer."

The X-Men: Apocalypse star also recalled how he managed to "knacker" a Porsche 911 after driving it in Berlin while filming 'he Coldest City. Speaking to Matt LeBlanc on British motoring show Top Gear he said: "The idea is the tail is still sliding as I come out of the car and I look cool as a cucumber. We nail it and did it again and again and again."

"But then we knackered the car I pulled the hand brake and nothing happened. Which was fine I could just slow the car down. But before I could the camera crew and camera and the track and the [camera] dolly are all zooming towards me and I managed to whip them out. Luckily, the crew managed to get out of the way just in time."

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