Soul Art launches first play

March 10, 2017
The cast of 'The Real Truth' (from left) Kaleb D'Aguilar, Suzanne Beadle, Renae Williams and Stephen-Rhae Johnson.

At the beginning of her career, Suzanne Beadle was a teacher of drama and theatre at Ardenne High School.

As the instructor behind multiple awards and honours for the school from the JCDC Performing Arts Competition, there comes little surprise that the teacher undertook other theatre-based personal projects.

Employed within the realm of her passion, Beadle is also an Actor Boy-nominated director, producer, actress, singer and playwright and has played roles in Dream Girls, Jonkunnu Jamboree, Thicker Than Water and most recently The Trial of Governor Eyre.

Now, Beadle has launched Soul Art by Suzanne, her own theatre production company.

"It's a faith-based company," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. The mission of Soul Art by Suzanne is to explore the benefits of truth and forgiveness.

Beadle explained she wrote the company's first production, The Real Truth, with that mission in mind.

"The play was produced on that premise. I wouldn't call it a gospel-drama, but it grapples with the issue of forgiveness," she said. The play follows The Morgans, a Jamaican family who are faced with finding the courage to forgive themselves and each other.

"It explains that forgiveness is more for you than the person you're forgiving. It provides a standpoint based on real-life situations. It's not too heavy, it's a nice fun light-hearted look at the issue, but it meets the point. The situation can be resolved. We can forgive and move on," Beadle explained.

The Real Truth began its run on March 3, in the Blue Room at Phoenix Theatre. The show ends this Sunday at the same venue.

Beadle said that she anticipates that future Soul Art productions will continue to focus on real-life situations and issues that will resonate with people.

"For me, this is ministry. I want to do what I believe I am being called to do now in my life, share God's message and to be able to be sustained by it," she said.

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