Franno drops sax for the mic

March 17, 2017
Damion Francis

Damion 'Franno' Francis' life had taken a few turns before completely committing to establishing a music career.

In 2001, Franno relocated to the US in pursuit of just that.

Four years after migrating, Franno told THE WEEKEND STAR that opportunity came knocking unexpectedly, and it was one created by him.

"I just loved saxophone, so I bought one and taught myself," he said. Franno played saxophone for approximately the next decade. "I performed a lot for a while. I didn't go pro, but I was a part of a jazz band, and I played gospel for a while," Franno said.

He performed with the Broward College Jazz Band and Lighthouse Seventh Day Adventist Church and other churches across Florida.

"The move was just to seek opportunities. I wasn't thinking about pursuing a career in music at the time. I wanted to be an architect. That's what I went to college for. I didn't finish architecture, but I changed to business. My main source of income is from my business," Franno said.

He said that he is currently setting up his business to run itself, so he can focus more on developing his musical career.

Franno said he grew up in the Church, where he participated frequently in many choirs and a cappella groups.

"But I always loved reggae music," he continued, naming Buju Banton and Bob Marley as favourites.




Last year, he decided he needed to express his thoughts through actual lyrics and would do so by fulfilling his dream of becoming a recording artiste.

"Being an artiste, I get to be myself. I get to express myself through an art form I love," Franno shared.

Now, Franno is bracing for the official launch of his musical career with the release of a dancehall-pop single called Rasta Man Tailored.

He expects that the first single will demonstrate some of his personality, through his penchant for personal style.

"A suit or blazer, in my opinion, looks best on me, so I tend to gravitate to that. I don't think being a Rasta should restrict one to a specific type of attire," he said.

The music video for Rasta Man Tailored will be released in early April.

Franno is also preparing to release a song called Good Old Days, as well as a projected summer anthem called Salute and Wave.

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