Insideeus bats for unity among artistes


March 18, 2017

Dancehall artiste Insideeus last year made his debut as a part of the STAR's Gimme A Buss series. However, the artiste is yet to claim that elusive breakthrough in the competitive music industry.

Now promoting a new record, Dancehall Greatest, the deejay is batting for the support of other artistes. He believes unity will benefit dancehall greatly and assist with artiste development.

"I realise that in the dancehall industry, there is no unison. Artistes don't willingly support each other. Through my music I want to change that mentality that is stifling young upcoming artistes like myself. Isn't it ironic that the overseas industry is more willing to accept our music than our own people. I see my music thriving abroad. I mean there will be challenges, but the industry abroad is more willing to accept and support my music," he said.

Dancehall Greatest was produced by Home Town Records, and is intended to win over both international and local fans. The deejay believes dancehall is as good as any international genre.


"Dancehall is a wonderful genre with limitless potential. My vision is to take it as far as there is life and ears to listen. Through my music I give a voice to those who are unable to share their experiences, but at the same time it entertains. Through my music I'm able to shed light on the challenges experienced by others," he said.

As it relates to dancehall and reggae's dismal sales in recent times, Insideeus believes the island is lagging behind where the manipulation of new technology is concerned.

"We have to learn how to tap into the digital market more. Not just putting out songs and relying on YouTube views, but having a medium such as iTunes to place albums and songs on the Billboard charts. So, it's there more for the world to see and grab," he said.

He has already taken his own advice and has offered his music for purchase on iTunes. Fans of dancehall may also listen his latest work for free on avenues like Insideeus VEVO, Soundcloud, Reverb Nation and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The deejay is also set to release the music video for Heaven, that was done on the 'Soaking Wet' rhythm, produced by Lenkey Records.

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