Ladies inspire Ryme Minista's 'Walla Walla'


March 21, 2017
Ryme Minista

Dancehall artiste Ryme Minista is hot on the promotional trail with his latest musical offering, 'Walla Walla'.

Firmly focused on the future, the dancehall force has unleashed this new song hoping it will help him get some international attention.

Produced by Starzplus Music and Deathlands Records, the song boasts a creative style with a unique and equally energetic dancehall vibe.

Walla Walla is about a new dance move that has taken the dancehall by storm. The new track features two acts, Black Fox and Straight E, who are up-and-coming artistes from Westmoreland.

Released in late February, the song has been making rounds on various local stations and has become very popular in Montego Bay, where the artiste is from.


"The song is fun and energetic. Once you hear it, you cannot keep still. You have to move and have a good time. The inspiration is all about the ladies. They are the ones that requested this song for the summer and I have to make them happy," Ryme Minista said.

The dancehall artiste has very high expectations for this project, and sees it going very far.

"Well, I hope to create a big impact with this song and dominate the dancehall scene. The response has been good so far and I know that this song will continue to get even bigger," he said, noting that a music video for the song will be released later this month.

Following that release, Ryme Minista is also set to drop two new songs, Don't Tell Me and Jungle Justice.

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