No clashing for us ... CD Fantasy focuses on fresh music

March 25, 2017
DJ Ruxie
DJ Cardo

Sound systems have travelled as far as Germany and Japan to compete against another for the title of the best.

But CD Fantasy, which features well-known disc jockeys DJ Ruxie and DJ Cardo, is unlikely to show up in a high-profile clash competition.

Kevin Dennis, the sound's owner, said they are a 'juggling sound'.

"The clash ting is on and off. Just once a year you find clash ting. Each time you enter clash you have to have something new, something running the streets. You have to search for talent, and you always have new talent. How else a new artiste going burst outta the pot?" he said.

Hence, CD Fantasy has become a sought-after entity for 'bussing' new artistes.

"We premiere the music right on the spot and gauge the reaction with the crowd," Dennis said.

Local producer Picante agrees there are sound systems that give attention to new music, "but just not enough".

"There are sound systems that do that but I don't think many selectors do that," Picante told THE STAR. "I know that some sound systems give the space for young artistes to get exposure. They're willing to work with young artistes, but maybe we need more of it."


Sound systems growing


Jamaica-born, California-based disc jockey Crooks Ansata told THE STAR that dancehall sound systems are growing on the US West Coast, but the clash culture has not.

He said CD Fantasy's approach is very different from the practice on the East Coast, whereas the west follows the dancehall culture as purveyed by Jamaicans.

"The crowd isn't as open to the 'new-new'. I think people like the 'sound' of dancehall. In Jamaica and New York, there are many avenues - radio, video man, photographer, mix CD hustler. California doesn't have all those things. But on a large scale, they're getting used to the culture of dancehall," he said.

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