De’BRANDISH tries to excite with 'Zuloo Whine'


March 31, 2017
Contributed De'BRANDISH

Newcomer De'BRANDISH came up with the idea of a song in tribute to women. The result was 'Zuloo Whine'. The song, produced by Chevmar Entertainment and OgE Beats, is creating ripples for the emerging dancehall deejay.

"I am a lover of all forms of music and versatility is my policy. However, dancehall is where my energy lies as I set to bring out a fusion of dancehall, soca and African trap music," De'BRANDISH explained.

"My friends, Black Dice dancers, would always bug me about writing a dance fi the ladies, so I told my management team about the idea. We did some work on the track and came up with the Zuloo Whine concept because the energy was so African."

Popular dancehall personalities Marvin the Beast and DHQ Nickesha have been promoting the 'zuloo whine' on social media. Both dancers are featured in the music video for the song, which is to be released shortly.

Born Patrick Whyte, De'BRANDISH resides in the Twickenham Gardens area of Central Village.


"I have been doing music on a professional level for about five years now. The first producer that I worked with was Klarity Music Production. Since then, I have done work with producers such as J1 Productions, Khalfani Records and Rippas Production," said De'BRANDISH.

The 27-year-old deejay says he is working on other songs for release later this year.

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