Top sound systems promised for Ova Suh


March 31, 2017
January's staging of Magnum Ova Suh saw many patrons cramming into the St Lucia car park in New Kingston to get a taste of the event.

Sound systems Rebel Sound, Di Unit, Code Red and Chromatic are billed to provide the musical thrills at tomorrow's staging of 'Ova Suh'. The event will take place at the Triple Century car park in New Kingston.

Ova Suh promoter Jermane Davis is promising patrons an entertaining experience.

"It will be non-stop high-energy entertainment from our line-up of DJs; free-flowing, easy-access bars; magnum deals all night long; and a safe atmosphere for our patrons," he said.

Ova Suh was first held in October last year and, since then, the event has grown to become one of the hottest dancehall events on the entertainment radar.

"It has to do with our promotion strategy. We aim to bring raw dancehall to the 'uptown' sphere, while catering for and inviting everyone to come indulge at the same time," said Davis.

Since its first staging in October, Ova Suh has attracted several entertainment personalities, as well as persons from the sporting arena.

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