Local entertainers dream of Champs

April 01, 2017
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
Devin Di Dakta
Don Andre
Tommy Lee Sparta

It's the time of year when parents, peers and professional couch-coaches raise their voices to cheer on Jamaica's young athletes as they participate in Boys and Girls' Champs.

Some of the nation's favourite entertainers have participated in sports in the past, while others can only imagine themselves crossing a finish line or jumping over hurdles and bars in their own spikes.

THE STAR set out to ask a few performance artistes how they would take part in Champs, and if they came out winners, how they would celebrate.

Christopher Martin, who beat the competition on Rising Stars, told THE STAR that if he were back in high school and took part in athletics, his choice event would be the 100m dash.

"I feel like that's where all the bragging rights are, that's what the people want to see," Martin said. "If I won my race, I would have to do the Bolt salute. I would definitely run go to the St Jago crowd and salute them."




Dancehall artiste Don AndrÈ had a similar sentiment, though he claims he was quite the athlete himself as a youngster.

"My event would be the 100m dash, obviously for Jamaica College, my former high school. I was very fast in high school, secondary school, (and) primary school," Don AndrÈ told THE STAR.

The Chrome Wine singer said his celebration would include popping champagne. "Belair to be precise. I'd just pop it and give some to the runners-up, caw mi a numba one," he said.

Tommy Lee had a similar idea. "If I was supposed to partake in a Champs event, it would be the 100m. If I won, yuh dun know, we a celebrate the real Spartan way. Spartan party, of course. I would put on a free event where the best artistes come and celebrate and entertain the whole Jamaica. Music, dancing, bare vibes," he told THE STAR.

Magnum Kings and Queens host, Yanique 'The Curvy Diva' Barrett, got in on the action, revealing a past in track.

"I used to run in prep school so I have a small taste for it, and me have a little skill! To celebrate, I'd spend time with my fans and supporters, visit my community and just enjoy the victory with them, for sure," she said.

Devin Di Dakta told THE STAR that he participated in field events in his younger days at St Mary High School.

Devin said he would celebrate by going back to the school and throwing a party in the auditorium with his coaches, team and schoolmates.

Darrio revealed he was also an athlete, who was invited to participate in the prestigious Penn Relays but didn't get to participate.

"I used to run for Clan Carthy High School. My events were the 200m and 100m. If I was to be an athlete today, I still think I would do the 200m, because me have a vibe fi run di corner dem," he told THE STAR.

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