Droop Lion stresses love and unity on new album


April 05, 2017
Droop Lion

Having released the debut single from his 14-track album, 'Ideologies', Rastafarian singer Droop Lion is enthusiastically looking forward to taking his all-embracing message of love and unity to the entire music world.

The first single, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, was released on all digital platforms on March 15, and, already music critics have been hailing it as "a true masterpiece", proving to Droop Lion and his team that their decision to use this song as the lead single was indeed on point.

Well, truth be told, Have You Ever Seen The Rain has already sold more than 25 million copies during the '70s for the original singers, Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, this version, while not straying far from the original, still manages to give fans that signature Droop Lion sound, feel and appeal.

"We wanted to keep the nostalgia in the song. So, during the production we refrained from changing up the lyrics, but at the same time, we made subtle changes which infused a different kind of vibration in the song. But, at the end of the day, we all know that a classic is a classic, and you can't improve on that; you can only interpret and hope that fans will appreciate your interpretation," Droop Lion said.

Meanwhile, the Free People Entertainment recording artiste continues his exciting musical journey with what will be predominantly a media tour from May 12 to 28. He will traverse Europe, making stops along the way in countries including the UK, France, Germany, Finland, Spain and Italy.

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