Revellers jam to the end of Soca Vs Dancehall

April 05, 2017
These females were in a happy mood.
Fun caan dun! These patrons dance up a storm.
A patron reacts to a song.
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This hottie was caught in a musical trance.
Hands in the air! This woman gets her groove on.
From left - Gail Lyn, Shue David Patterson and Joelle Lodenquai were all smiles during the event.
She was not too busy to give a sultry pose.
Joelle (left) and Sanya were out promoting the Black Sands party that will be held in Portland in May.
Friends take time out from dancing for a photo op.
Stephanie was caught enjoying the music.

Soca Vs Dancehall, held at the Mona Hockey Field in St Andrew last Saturday was scheduled to take place between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., but a few minutes before 2 a.m., an energetic Trinidadian selector's voice came over the speakers with a lilt of dejection, announcing that the next song would be the last song.

The audience rippled with sighs and sounds of surprise. The announcement seemed abrupt, though it was right on time. A Jamaican selector's voice took over, and roused the exiting patrons into a chorus of "we jammin' still" as they streamed steadily out of the venue.

In a move to demonstrate unbiased cross-culturalism, musical entertainment duties were shared among DJ Lantern and DJ Richie Ras from Jamaica, as well as DJ Ryan Sayeed and Nuphoric from Trinidad and Tobago.Perhaps it was Xaymaca International's upcoming debut on the road, but Soca vs Dancehall's execution played out with a higher soca vibe, particularly close to 2 a.m., when revellers commanded the stage with massive flags.

Nuphoric spun the final song twice more, before leaving the crowd to sing to themselves, as they helped themselves and their coolers out into the parking lot, and into the traffic to go home.

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