Gospel Spotlight : Tiffany Levy finds passion in God's purity

April 07, 2017
Tiffany Levy

Since Tiffany Levy found her passion in music, she was always aspired to make it her profession.

She successfully completed a course at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, then started the journey to being a full-time working musician.

"I started secular. After I finished the course at Edna, I started to do one and two shows," Levy told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She recalled that it was about five years ago that she was noticed by Penthouse Recording Studios.

"I was going to get a deal from Penthouse, but then the Passion and Purity Conference came to my church," Levy said. "I encountered the Holy Spirit that day."


Some popularity


Her passion for performance was never the same she said because God called her into the gospel.

"I gave up the record deal on the spot," she said. After her encounter at the conference, Levy told THE WEEKEND STAR that she released two songs in 2014, which gained her some popularity in the local gospel music industry.

The songs, I Lift My Hands, and I Am a Lion are still played on stations today.

Though she has only released those songs, Levy said that she has been working steadfastly at the development of her gospel music career. Soon, Levy expects to release her debut EP.

"I was not out there as I should have been at that time. I wasn't ready for the whole limelight or the big stage," she explained.

Under the guidance of producer Wendell Morris, Levy decided the path she wanted to take was not just in performance, but also in ministry.

"Young people are kind of unstable. Wendell had to make sure I was really focused and that this is what I want to do," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. In the five years since her conversion, Levy realised her passion for evangelism.


Building a platform


"It's not just me here singing gospel. It's me building a platform where I know I can minister to young people. My platform is not just music, I want to be a minister to young people and evangelise to everyone," she said.

Levy said she enrolled in school again, this time a school of evangelism, where she is learning and growing into knowing how to minister.

On April 4, Levy ended the hiatus on her song releases and dropped her latest single Eyes On You, with the hope to enjoy a similar longevity as the previous two.

Levy said that she has been performing around Jamaica where she plans to promote the song, along with two other songs from her upcoming EP.

The name of Levy's EP is currently undecided, but she revealed that the project is just two songs away from being complete.

She expects the EP to be completed in July, with assistance from Adrian Scarlett of Hitz Factory, Ann-Marie Walker-Blake of Spurr Empire, and gospel artiste Marq Johnson.

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