Gospel Spotlight : DJ Dilemma trades int'l fame for gospel

April 13, 2017
Miguel Campbell, also known as DJ Rebirth
DJ Rebirth
DJ Rebirth spins some music.

"God is my everything. If it hadn't been for Him, I wouldn't be anything like I am today."

These are the words of Miguel 'DJ Rebirth' Campbell, who most people will readily know as DJ Dilemma.

"That name came from high school at Wolmer's Boys, where I graduated in 2004," Campbell told THE WEEKEND STAR. "I didn't go right into music. I was caught up with fast cars and stuff like that."

But three years later, he started building his life. Starting in 2007, he spent the next five years deejaying shows around Jamaica.

Eventually, Campbell got involved in a Boom Energy Drink DJ competition, and that cemented his career as DJ Dilemma.

"The competition was held at Club Impulse in New Kingston, and after I played that I got verbally signed to Shockwave International," he said.

Soon after, he was booked to perform on the Fully Loaded stage show. "That was like my coming out party as a deejay," Campbell said. But things changed in the summer of 2012.

"I was in New York at the time and I was in the middle of a very testy relationship of five years. It spurred on my introspection," he explained.

After returning to Jamaica, Campbell said he went through depression.

"I was really at my lowest," he said. "I was out of school, and I could feel the Lord being disappointed in me, thinking about my life as DJ Dilemma. Then He pointed me to where I needed to go, to get myself back into school and focus on my spiritual life."


Rededicated my life


In October of that year, Campbell remembered reading a passage of scripture that said 'He will give us beauty for ashes'.

"I remember it was instantaneous. The Lord led me to the name DJ Rebirth. I can't even say I remember His distinct words, but it just came to me, like I was that person already. The name itself speaks so much volumes. So I rededicated my life," he said.

In that same month, while no one knew of his epiphany, Campbell found himself attending Jermaine Edward's album launch.

"I had the opportunity to speak with Omari, and I told him my interest in wanting to become a selector," he said. "There and then, he ushered me to DJ Nicholas and that's when my excitement, anxiety, and enthusiasm came about."

Campbell recalled in the early days as DJ Dilemma, he had a constant tug-of war with his mother about doing Christian music.

"I told her it wouldn't work, until I grew to understand and appreciate gospel artistes like Omari and DJ Nicholas. They encouraged me," Campbell said.

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