Ibo Fyah overcomes 'poverty'


April 25, 2017
@Normal:Ibo Fyah

Fast-rising artiste Ibo Fyah may have struck gold with his latest single, 'Poverty'. The artiste has been consistently making strides on the reggae scene over the past few years with his versatility, melodious sound and high-octane performances.

The single was produced by 12 to 12 Productions. Ibo Fyah is no stranger to poverty. Growing up in the rural community of Crofts Hill, Clarendon, the artiste was submerged in hardship and struggle from as early as he can remember.

The experience, however, has moulded him into the artiste that he is today and further ignites his drive to do music.

The single expounds on the

difficulties he has faced. Ibo Fyah said the single is very

personal to him.

"Great music can come from a place of suffering, pain and challenges sometimes.

music from suffering

"The reason why I decided to pen this song is because I have felt poverty tugging at my shirt; poverty has stared me straight in the face, but it has moulded me into the strong person that I am today," he said.

The single has been receiving repeated rotations on local radio and various music charts.

"Many people will love this song because it is relatable. Even if someone hasn't actually endure poverty themselves, they have seen it and can recognise

it because it is a global

phenomenon," he said.

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