Gospel spotlight : Meeting with dark forces steers Discyple to the gospel

April 28, 2017

George 'Discyple' Cousins was misguided for a time. In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, he confessed to being known as a gunman. The reputation would lead to tragedy.

On April 22, 2013 at 8: 45 p.m., after getting caught up in a conversation with his cousin, an unidentified man walked up and opened fire.

"My cousin end up dying and somehow I end up at the hospital," he said, noting he was shot five times.

During his recovery in hospital, Cousins had a nightmarish awakening that changed the course of his life.

"While in the hospital, I was visited by demons that came to convince me to dedicate my life to Satan, but I was saved by the grace of God, which spoke to me while I was on the hospital bed," Cousins told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He explained that it was as if a dog came into the hospital and was trying to go underneath his bed.

"Everyone said I was hallucinating, but the next night at about 2 a.m., the dog came back! They said I was hallucinating again," he continued.

A third encounter confirmed to Cousins that he was being visited by dark forces.

"It was like a man with a head like a goat and horns," he said. "When I asked the enemy what was his name, he said Beelzebub. He said he was the Devil's right hand. He said that if I give my life to him, he would kill the person who killed my cousin."

Cousins said that was when he remembered going to church in his youth.

"I started to plead the blood of Jesus. It was holding me down on the bed, so I said 'the blood of Jesus is against you'," he said.




Since then, Discyple has been sharing his testimony and spreading the Word of God through his music.

"I gave my life to God in that hospital. I was supposed to lose my leg. After that night, I got back life in my foot. I have a shard from the gunshot in my pelvic bone by my spine and they said I wouldn't walk away. Now, I go all over and I'm best known by the name Discyple," he continued.

Discyple is currently promoting songs such as Murder, written for Voices for Change (Canada), Tek It To Dem, World Praise and God Save Me, which he says get heavy rotation in Kenya, Uganda and the UK.

On May, 27, Cousins will be participating in the We Sail for the Nation nautical concert, hosted by the Black Caucus Movement. The artiste will also be travelling to New Jersey for a concert on July 15.

"I'm fairly new, but the rate that God is moving with me, I don't feel new," Cousins told THE WEEKEND STAR. "God has opened a lot of doors for me. I give Him thanks and praise."

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