Million dollar prize on offer for pole-dance queen

April 28, 2017
A dancer shows her pole dancing skills.
Carline Brown

Skinny, fluffy and mid-range girls are being sought to compete for $1 million in an all-island pole dance competition that begins on Sunday.

According to the competition's organisers, participants will be judged based on their abilities to show off their bodies and throw down their skills on a pole.

"It's not a freaky party. If people come to look for that, they will be disappointed," Carline Brown, the coordinator, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She said that the competition is designed to sensitise people to the idea that pole dancing is not solely erotic entertainment, but a genuine display of physical strength.

"It's not a nudity thing. We want to break the stigma and sensitise people to the fact that just because you're a pole dancer, it doesn't mean you're a go-go [dancer]," Brown said.

The organisers said that the winner of the bikini body competition in each parish will receive a cash prize of $50,000, while the winner of the pole-dancing competition will receive $100,000.

At the final staging of the competition, the ultimate winner of the bikini body contest will walk away with $500,000 and the top pole dancer will win $1 million.

The organisers have not indicated how the competition or the prize money will be financed.

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