Dancehall heavyweights propel 'Riddim 21'


May 02, 2017
Beenie Man
Dexta Daps

Music producer David Ireland believes the local music industry still remains one of the best ways for at-risk youth from challenging backgrounds to carve out a future for themselves.

That is one of the reasons why he has started his own record label, Ireland (pronounced irie-land) Records, and released his first hip-hop influenced project, 'Riddim 21', studded with heavyweight names like Beenie Man, Dexta Daps and Vershon.

"Jamaica's influence is being felt on the Billboard charts and on the international level in a real way. This is an opportunity to be a part of this new movement. Dancehall has scored a series of number ones worldwide. Most of the music that is rocking the world falls under our island's influence, including genres like hip hop, house, techno and more. On a personal level, this is also a chance to change the mindset of the youth. It is a strategy to show the youth that if I can become a producer, then I can help others to realise their dreams, and they can do it too," he said.


"That is why I started Ireland Records, as an entrepreneur with friends in the music, I can help elevate and assist their careers. This is my first venture and I am pleased. The Dexta Daps song, 21, run weh. The song is on everyone's phone. It has over 50,000 views in the first week since its release. "

In addition to Beenie Man, Dexta Daps and Vershon, the rhythm also has Raine Seville, Ssense, and a host of up-and-coming artistes like Don Juan, and Juta Rhymes.

In addition, the reception has been positive from persons in Europe, South America, Australia, USA and Asia.

"The radio is showing me some love, and it is playing in the streets. The young artistes are doing well. The people love the Don Juan [recording], One More Year, and Ssense is doing well," Ireland said.

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