Nesbeth invited to inspire prison inmates

May 04, 2017

If it were that an entertainer's content was of the inspirational sort, a logical occurrence would be that the entertainer is invited into spaces in which they can inspire others. Such may be the case of reggae singer Nesbeth, whose career got a major boost with the momentarily anthemic song 'My Dream'.

Nesbeth recently returned to Jamaica after a two-show visit to Ohio. Before his visits to Cleveland and Columbus, Nesbeth was invited to the Spanish Town Adult Correctional Centre to perform for and mentor the inmates.

"They reached out to me. One of the main reasons I did the show is because I'm the man with the dream," Nesbeth told THE STAR. "You want to inspire them in a way that they can look into themselves and become a better person. It's automatically a part of Nesbeth's career."

The singer recalled that he was also invited to the Metcalfe Juvenile Home, along with the junior minister for the national security portfolio.

"I got one-on-one with the inmates. Some of the stories they have to tell you are way beyond what you'd think," Nesbeth said.

He also recalled a few years ago visiting Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre where he performed for the inmates, along with Richie Stephens and Marcia Griffiths.

When THE STAR asked if he would consider inmate mentorship as part of his long-term projects, he said: "I'm not gonna rule it out or tell you a yes. My journey is a journey and my mission is to transform."

According to Nesbeth, his latest song New Gangsta is a hit in the correctional centre.

"Nesbeth is redefining the word 'gangsta'. New Gangsta is to think positive, earn honest bread, be there for your kids, and to make mommy proud. It's a different twist to it. Mi deh pon a mission and gonna do as much as I can possibly do," he said.

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