Cee Gee faces heat for controversial song


May 05, 2017
Cee Gee

Dancehall artiste Cee Gee is facing some heat from fans for his latest recording, 'Come A Mi Yaad'. The song, produced by ZJ Elektra, is featured on the Ragga rhythm.

"The story behind Come A Mi Yaad is really a fictional one. Contrary to the popular belief that I'm directly speaking about an individual or situation, that's not the case. I was listening to the beat and I spontaneously came up with the concept and felt it was a topic the wider public would relate to. I also knew people would gravitate to the humour. I was laughing the whole time writing it," Cee Gee said.

In the song, Cee Gee said, ''Wah mek yuh can nyam so? As yuh reach mi yuh want food. A mussi that's why yuh belly bang so.''

He also made reference to women who request phone cards, taxi fare and liquor frequently.

"The song is sparking a lot of debate because most males are agreeing with my point of view but are being heavily challenged by their female counterparts in a fun way mostly, though. I want to assure those persons that the song was not meant to offend anyone, and I apologise to them if they were," Cee Gee said, noting that he has been getting good responses to the song.


Cee Gee, who describes himself as a lover of music, is known for writing songs on Beenie Man's most recent album, Unstoppable.

"I just love music and always try to write and put out the best possible product and hope people will be able to relate to and support it. I've either written or co-written no less than 13 songs on Beenie Man's Unstoppable album, so I don't think I could list them all here, but Yardie, the title track Unstoppable, and People All around the World are some of them," he said.

He also wrote We Run Road and Badmind People, both of which were hits for Beenie Man. He also has a songwriter credit on Nicki Minaj's Grammy-winning platinum selling Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album. He wrote the song Gunshot, which features Beenie Man.

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