Walshy Fire encourages producers to give young artistes a chance

June 02, 2017
File Walshy Fire


Internationally acclaimed producer Walshy Fire is encouraging music producers both locally and internationally to voice up-and-coming artistes seeking to secure a place in the entertainment business.

Walshy Fire, who was speaking in an interview with journalist Gibbo on his show 'Gibbo Presents', mentioned producers such as Sly and Robbie and Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor as producers who help to jump-start the careers of many relatively unknown artistes by voicing them on popular rhythms.

When asked whether it was the artistes responsibility to make producers voice them or whether it was the producers' duty to voice these up-and-coming artistes, Walshy Fire said it was the latter.


Work ethic


"Every single producer that you can think of, bar none, if they are successful producers in dancehall and reggae music, they have promoted somebody that no one has ever heard before," he said.

The producer also spoke about the success of entertainers such as Chronixx and Sean Paul pointing out that the key to their success has been their work ethic.

He advised young artistes to take a page out of these artistes' book if they hope to make it in the industry. He also encouraged artistes to be open to experimenting with music.

"Anybody that you see is a successful artiste; Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Shaggy, they all have been open-minded to experimenting with different genres of music."

Walshy Fire made the comments as he spoke about his Chicken and Dumplin rhythm, which features songs from the likes of Chronixx, Sean Paul, Shaggy as well new faces such as African artiste White Man and R & B artiste Denzel White.

Walshy Fire also revealed that work has begun on his next album, Abeng, which will feature African and Caribbean artistes.


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