Aidonia gets international attention


June 15, 2017

With more than a decade of experience and greater freedom to ply his trade across the globe, dancehall artiste Aidonia has seen a significant upsurge in his popularity and demand over the last nine months.

This has led to concert promoters and industry players from places such as Africa, Dubai, Japan, Australia and New Zealand expressing an interest to work with the IG Girls hitmaker.

Aidonia's publicist, Raymond 'Shadow' Small, attributes the spike in interest to a new campaign approach.

"In recent months, we have embarked on a more comprehensive campaign to boost his presence globally with a lot of focus on social media, seeing that is one of the most active outlets for the consumption of information," Small said.

"Honing his skill for over a decade, Aidonia has grown into a consummate performer with the ability to ensnare audiences wherever he goes. This is a skill lacking especially with the new generation of local talents, so being a great performer is an asset. Another of his advantages is the ability to replicate his studio recordings live on stage, complemented by a genuine and loyal fan base."

Known as a potent lyricist with an avid male following, Aidonia in recent years has been doing a lot of music geared towards the females. This had subsequently shifted the balance in favour of the ladies, who have significantly outnumbered their male counterparts at his various concerts, especially on the international circuit.


Solidly booked for the summer, Aidonia is gearing up for a number of assignments across the diaspora before jetting off to Europe in August for a tour of that continent. He is also confirmed for Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night that will be held at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, in July.

Locally, the 4th Genna boss is gearing up to shoot the videos for Banga, IG Girls and Better, while promoting singles like Krazay and Lyfe O.G.

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