Amlak steadily growing international fan base

July 04, 2017

Aspiring reggae star Amlak has long-been acquainted with the music industry, but kept himself behind the scenes. It was the tragic loss of his cousin, Carlton Grant Jr., that encouraged him to become a performer.

With some support from his dancehall icon uncle Spragga Benz, Amlak is trying to establish himself as a bona fide reggae frontman.

"I want to reach a level where I am accepted and supported wholly, where I can tour with a band. That's where music is going and is supposed to be going," he said.


International fan base


Amlak said he always knew he would be involved in the music industry. He used to tour with Spragga and revealed that his first international performances took place on two of Europe's largest reggae festival stages, Reggae Jam and Reggae Geel in 2015.

Last year, touring increased and he spent July through to mid-September growing his international fan base.

He started building a relationship with producer Harry Gottschalk when he was introduced to the German producer in 2014.

Gottschalk is now credited as a co-producer of Amlak's debut album The Book of Judges.




Spragga, who Amlak said is like a father to him, is featured alongside Rseenal Di Artillery on one of the tracks Tek Yuh Beating.

Now, the most important goal for Amlak is making an impression on the audience at home.

"It would be a great feeling to be recognised in your own kingdom. You want people to know you're doing work. It's a great feeling as an artiste, or anyone in any field, to represent the country, represent the people, and then get acknowledgment from the people," he said

Amlak said he is gearing up to tour again this year with shows set in Belgium and other European countries.

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