Downswell's Realignment Tour to benefit children's homes


July 14, 2017
Kevin Downswell

Two children's homes will benefit from gospel artiste Kevin Downswell's Realignment Tour, which will commence with two major gospel concerts scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday in St Mary and St Elizabeth, respectively.

The Manning Child Care Facility, located in the quiet farming district of Southfield in St Elizabeth, will benefit from an upgraded basketball court.

The Pringle Children's Home at Carron Hall in St Mary will also be rehabilitated, with the upgrading of its building, furniture and the general aesthetics.

The Realignment Tour is targeted to assist children who are in need. It is envisioned as a life-transforming initiative to give back to young people in kind and through mentorship sessions.

"We are in this for the long haul. This is just chapter one," said Downswell. "We are here to stay. Every time we leave one of these homes, we are inspired that we are taking another step in the Realignment Tour.

The Jamaica National Group, one of the sponsors of the tour, will facilitate persons to make financial donations to these homes through its crowdfunding platform,


Saniah Spencer, acting chief marketing and brand manager, JN Bank, said the values of the Jamaica National Group were similar to the objectives of the Kevin Downswell's Realignment Tour.

"We encourage everyone to support the cause, help our children's homes by visiting the ISupport website at and donate. Also encourage your friends and families to donate to these institutions," she appealed.

Culture Minister Olivia Grange said that the Realignment Tour has been designated one of the Jamaica 55 Legacy projects.

"This project will inspire Jamaicans ... . It is about contributing to the welfare of children; and it is not just children, but about children in dire need of support," said Grange.

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