Dillgin enjoys huge buzz with 'Still A Work'


July 28, 2017

Reggae singer Dillgin is on a musical high as his single Still A Work continues to grow in popularity. The song, which was co-produced by Dillgin and Jimmy Ricks for Wall Streetz Records, is currently blowing up FM radio.

"I am doing a lot of promotion in support of this song, and it's paying off big time. Right now, Still A Work is getting a lot of support from DJs all over the Caribbean, North America, Europe, the UK, and Brazil. I'm pleased with the response it's getting."

The video for Still A Work is also doing well, and to date, it has received over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Dillgin's international fan base is growing steadily, and he recently completed a series of shows in Brazil.

"Last month, I was invited by a Brazilian entertainer by the name of Jahgun to perform in Brazil. It was a tremendous experience. I did three shows in Salvador, I did one in Brasilia and one in a place called Sao Luis. I also recorded some songs with Jahgun and some other Brazilian musicians," said Dillgin.

He also added, "The people in Brazil love reggae music a lot. They gave me a warm reception. I'm looking forward to returning very soon."

Dillgin recently released a new single titled Heart of Mine. The single was released by his Wall Streetz label on iTunes on

June 8.

Also in the pipeline for Dillgin are upcoming tours of Europe and the UK.

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