Marvin, Nickeisha plan to 'shell' Spotlight Affair


July 28, 2017
Dancers Marvin The Beast and DHQ Nickeisha

Smirnoff Tropical Village is trying to earn the spot of being the ultimate party for the summer and the name that is on the lips of most partygoers this weekend in Negril. With eight parties scheduled to be held over a period of five days, the promoters and sponsors are putting out all efforts to ensure the weekend delivers.

Stoplight Affair on August 1 at Chances in Negril is one of the most anticipated events for the weekend, and will be hosted by dancehall entertainment duo Marvin The Beast and DHQ Nickeisha. The two have made a name for themselves and have garnered immense support from all over the world.

nice turn out

"It is an event that we knew about from last year and liked it. It had a vibe, and we decided we were going to come on it," Marvin said.

The duo admitted they are excited about the event and so should the fans and supporters.

"Me expect a nice turn out. It is a lovely party for everybody to come out and enjoy themselves and come prepared to have a good time. All that you have been seeing on social media, TV and hearing, you can come and see that and a whole lot more. We will be performing our hit song out now, Clean and Fresh, and you can expect lots of dancing and entertainment," said Nickeisha.

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