Rane Son sings about his 'dream weekend'


July 28, 2017
Contributed Rane Son

Recording artiste Rane Son is ecstatic about the feedback he has been receiving for his latest single, 'Dream Weekend'.

As the name suggests, the artiste sings about one of the most popular annual summer events in Jamaica.

"Summer is all about the sun, sea, sand, and that is why I wrote this song. It is perfect for the summer; you can't hear this song and not party along to the catchy beats," he said.

Dream Weekend has been receiving exceptional feedback from countries in Europe and the US. The song is readily available for purchase on various digital platforms such as iTunes, Google Store and Spotify.

Popular producer Birch is the mastermind behind the song. Dream Weekend follows his other hits, Walking Bank, Deserve It and 3 a.m.

Rane Son is readying himself to take the stage at Dream Weekend this August to perform the song and a few other crowd favourites.

He will be also be shooting the video for the song at the event.

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