Star Struck boss hosts all-white day rave


July 28, 2017
File Patrons at a previous Star Struck event.
Contributed A hottie at a previous Star Struck Family event.

Star Struck Family boss, Nevon 'Animal' Brown, will celebrate his birthday with family, friends and promoters with a party dubbed 'We Nuh Seh Friend We Say Family: Part Three', an all-white day rave, at Sterling Villa, Old Harbour, St Catherine, on Saturday.

Brown insists that "this year will be bigger and better.

"Old Harbour patrons are known to come out late whenever they party, however, Animal is promoting an early start, that's why it's a day rave. This is a day event like Chug It, Sandz, Sailz and Bikini Sundays. So all patrons all expected to come out early in their whites," said Brown.

He added that there will be free Wi-Fi at the location, which is one of the reasons this party is different - it caters for the patrons who cannot afford to attend Dream Weekend and other all-inclusive events.

Star Struck Family is anticipating an influx of patrons from Kingston, St Catherine, St Andrew, and Clarendon.

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