'Vogue' hails Capleton's Reggae Sumfest style


August 03, 2017
Jermaine Barnaby/ Freelance Photographer Capleton

Fashion bible Vogue has hailed reggae superstar Capleton as one of the style standouts at the recently concluded music festival, Reggae Sumfest, held in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Although King Shango, as he is also know, was not officially billed for Sumfest this year, he basked in the spotlight when his longtime friend and music collaborator, multi-Grammy winner Stephen Marley, called him on stage.

Not only did he make a dramatic entrance and proceeded to perform brilliantly, but Capleton's unique style, to which reggae fans have become accustomed, also caught the eyes of Vogue magazine writer Deidre Dyer.

In an article titled 'In Jamaica, Festival Style Is Coolest After Dark', Dyer said:

"The weekend's style standouts included Beenie Man, the undisputed king of dancehall, who came dressed in head-to-toe Gucci, and Capleton, the legendary roots reggae star, who stepped out in a custom three-piece look that could have easily come down the runway at Comme des Garcons."

In reacting to this, Capleton's manager, Claudette Kemp, noted that Jamaican fans in particular are used to Capleton's attire, which sees him in his one-of-a-kind garments made by Jamaican designer Balla, with matching shoes made by 'Shoey'.

However, whenever King Shango travels the world, his garments always attract the attention of the international media, who respect Capleton as a fashion icon who comfortably sets his own trend rather than follow others who compete to purchase name-brand designer clothing.

"When we were backstage at Sumfest, the Vogue people were very interested in Capleton and kept asking a lot of questions about his custom-made clothes. They wanted to know who makes them, the fabric, and all kinds of things. Of course, we appreciate this positive attention and give a shout-out to the Vogue team and extend an invitation for them to come and enjoy themselves at 'A St Mary Mi Come' From this weekend," Kemp said.

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