Aidonia says 'Yeah Yeah' to Europe


August 08, 2017

Fresh from a myriad performances in New Jersey, Connecticut, Antigua, and Dream Weekend (Negril, Jamaica) over the past week, dancehall luminary Aidonia continues to amplify his international presence as the summer unfolds.

The 4th Genna Music head honcho, along with members of his team, departed the island last Wednesday for Europe to embarked on a 12-city tour of that continent.

The tour, which commenced on August 4 at Belgium's Reggae Geel, is expected to last three weeks, spanning several countries, with stops in Antwerp, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Toulon, and Lecca, among other major cities. Despite the inclement weather associated with that continent at this time of the year, Aidonia reassured fans that his spirit would not be dampened in any way, so when they come to the various concert venues, they can expect nothing but an energy-filled action-packed showcase.

"Europe has always been a place that shows Aidonia a lot of love, so it's important that we as artistes reciprocate. The fans have been requesting to see me for some time now, so that is enough motivation for me to make sure to give them nothing less than a 110 per cent. Because they don't get to see me very often, therefore, I have to leave them with something memorable," Aidonia said.

The entertainer is expected to return to the island at the end of August to complete work on a number of projects, including the official visuals for IG Girl, Banga, and his latest monster hit, Yeah Yeah.

Musically, Aidonia continues to dominate various charts across the Diaspora with singles such as Work It, Banga, IG Girls, and Yeah Yeah, while promoting new releases Bruise and Fire, which are featured on the 1Guh Rhythm.

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