Westmoreland poets seeks to attend UWI


August 15, 2017
Yashika Graham via Facebook
In this 2012 photo the Poetry Society of Jamaica's President Tommy Ricketts (left) with Yashika Graham, Poetry Society administrator and moderator of its monthly fellowships, after receiving the Musgrave Medal on behalf of the Society for its work in Literature.

Yashika Graham, a young woman from Westmoreland, has launched a campaign which is aimed at helping her to raise money to study literature at the University of the West Indies (UWI), starting in September.

Graham has set about raising some US$4,500 (approximately $578,500) via the crowd funding website, GoFundMe.

"I am thrilled to have been accepted by University of the West Indies to begin studies in literature this September, and enhance my knowledge of the discipline," the passionate poet and storyteller said.

She said that her goal is to teach and to improve her craft. Graham said that exposure to the curriculum offered at the UWI would "further solidify and provide grounding for what has, til now, been a personal endeavour, and prepare me to have a deeper impact on the space both as a creative and an educator".

"My chief challenge in this endeavour is financial. My registration fees cover one year's tuition, boarding and miscellaneous fees, due upfront by August 28. The immediacy of this adds to pre-existing financial constraints. To make this happen, I have sought sponsorship, scholarships and now call on my community," Graham said.

So far, some $85 dollar has been pledged in the two days since the launch of the appeal.

Graham, who said she holds an associate of science degree in business administration, said her career has been in the literary arts and she wishes to return to school to formalise her work.

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