3Star aims to shine with new album


September 22, 2017
Contributed United States-based artiste 3 Star

Conscious recording artiste 3Star is aiming to shine brighter than ever with the release of his forthcoming album, 'Soldier In Jah Army'. The project is expected to hit stores on September 28, and will be available for purchase through all digital platforms.

The body of work is an artistic and beautifully crafted project that will be greatly appreciated by authentic reggae lovers right across the world.

Even though the album hasn't been officially released, fans have been given a taste of what to expect, and so far the feedback has been tremendous.

"I have shared a few tracks with some fans and friends especially in and around Harlem (New York), and I have been getting some positive response and I am really happy for the love," he said.

The artiste will be stepping up the promotional campaign and will be using social media tools as a means of getting the album some attention.

"With the rapid decrease in album sales over the years, I try to focus more on streaming because things and time have changed, so I am rocking with the digital crowd now," 3Star said.

He said he is keen on promoting clean and wholesome music that all audiences can listen to and also learn from at the same time.

"At the heart of my music is always a potent message that I am sending to my fans. When people listen to this album, I want them to take something with them. I want my fans to know that we are all soldiers in Jah army, and despite whatever we face, we will come out triumphant because we are strong and we are fighters," he said.

The artiste will be trekking across Europe this month to connect with his listeners and further promote this new album.

On the heels of releasing Soldier In Jah Army, 3Star has released a new track, titled Chance.

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