Get ready to rumble? - House of Dancehall invites Ishawna, Danielle DI to clash

September 22, 2017
Michael Dawson
Danielle D.I.

House of Dancehall was recently accused of taking sides with Danielle D.I. after the deejay was invited to a recent show called 'Sex and Dancehall', where she used the platform to verbally lash Ishawna and make several controversial accusations about the 'Equal Eights' singer.

Michael Dawson, CEO of Whirlwind International Group, owners of House of Dancehall, has come forward declaring that his company is being unfairly criticised.

Dawson explained that the invitation is open to Ishawna if she wants to make use of their platform. Dawson went as far as offering to host a clash between both deejays, if they so desire.

"House of Dancehall would produce the clash because I don't like how people are criticising the women. Male artistes have feuds all the time and nobody complains, so give the women their platform," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Clashes are very significant to dancehall culture. Super Cat versus Ninja Man, Kartel versus Mavado, and Bounty versus Beenie are three of the biggest events in Jamaica's culture and not just music. We have not had a major clash in years, and we want to have big clashes at home," he said.

Sex and Dancehall is a weekly open forum which takes place at House of Dancehall on Tuesday nights, and is streamed online. There, issues of sex and its place in dancehall are discussed for mature audiences only. The forum is hosted by Dancehall Queen Carlene, who recently added her voice to Danielle's insult track, Street Bicycle, which was aimed at Ishawna.

"We have maintained a very professional relationship with Carlene. She's very intelligent and understands that at the end of the day business is business, so I can't see her having a problem with Ishawna being given the podium to speak her mind. If there is any discomfort by either party, we can get a guest host for the night, but Carlene will be there," he said.

Dawson expressed that if Ishawna decides to be part of the show, he and his team are open to using another host for that night for proceedings to remain objective.

As for his decision to book Danielle D.I. for the forum, the author said despite the timely manner, it is pure coincidence.

"She was booked prior as a regular guest like we did with Gyptian, Mr G, Mr Lex, Milk. So D.I. was booked way ahead. Ishawna is welcome to reach out to the company to confirm her attendance," he said.

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